Lucky Number Slevin


In this edition of Nothing to Watch on Netflix, we watched 2006's Lucky Number Slevin starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, and a bunch of other great actors. 

Lucky Number Slevin is a hidden jewel of the 2000's, especially if you are a fan of other crime thrillers like In BrugesThe Usual Suspects, and Snatch. This movie sports a plot that is full of twists and absolutely rewards multiple viewings.

While the action sequences and actors are fantastic, this movie's strongest point is the script. The chain of events is so tightly woven that by the time the credits roll every possible question the audience could have is answered. There are plenty of funny beats to add a comedic streak to the action and mystery.

Lucy Liu does a particularly great job as her character is very different from the usual cold-hearted killers Rather, Liu plays a plucky mortician named Lindsay, who in addition to serving as the main love interest also works to push the main character, Slevin, to unravel the conspiracy he is steeped in.

There are absolutely ridiculous elements in this movie, such as one of the main crime bosses being a rabbi that has Hassidic Jews as his henchman or the fact that the set design looks like something someone would see when they're tripping on acid. But the ridiculous elements work with the film and enhance the overall enjoyment for the audience. 

Definitely give this one a watch.