Sausage Party

Another month, another edition of Nothing to Watch on Netflix. This month, we've got the comedy hurricane Sausage Party for you just as it hits Netflix.

Released in 2016, Sausage Party is a Pixar-spoof about the secret life of food. If the R-rating hasn't made it clear enough, this movie is not for children. Starring Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig alongside a slew of cameos, this movie is a hilarious and depraved clusterfuck.

The beauty of this movie is that it borrows the typical format that most animated features follow: some category of inanimate object is anthropomorphized, a ragtag group of misfits get lost, and they learn valuable life lessons on the way back home. Except, in Sausage Party, the objects are food and the valuable life lesson they learn is that they will be savagely devoured by humans.

The humor doesn't stop at the fact that adorable animated food products are using swear words, either. The writers work in some thinly-veiled social and political commentary, like the pairing of Sammy Bagel Jr. and Kareem Abdul Lavash to poke fun at the Israel/Palestine conflict. (It should be noted that 10/10 people surveyed had no idea what the hell a lavash was)

On the whole, Sausage Party is simply hilarious. Considering the all-star cast, the rock-solid script, and the producers' track record, this shouldn't come as a surprise at all. Give this one a whirl the next chance you get.