When Mick saw that there was a movie called "Deathgasm" in the new arrivals, well, he had to see what it was all about. 

Taking place in the New Zealand suburbs, Deathgasm is about a metalhead named Brody who inadvertently ushers in the apocalypse.  One part Evil Dead and one part Tenacious D, Deathgasm is a hilarious gross-out buddy comedy.

The plot isn't anything groundbreaking and is actually riddled with holes and red herrings, but let's be real for a second- are you really watching a movie called Deathgasm for the plot? A kid moves to a new town and makes new friends and bumbles his way into causing the end of the world and has to stop it. Deathgasm adds a metalhead twist on the formula and skewers many of the much-beloved metal tropes like corpse paint, "Satin" worship, and playing music in the woods

The thing that really impressed me with this movie was how they played with cinematography. There were plenty of quick cuts and interesting scene transitions that kept the energy up even through the exposition before the demons started running around.

It should be noted that this movie is extremely, excessively gorey. I'm not normally one for such things, but some scenes were so ridiculous and over the top that I had to laugh. There was one part I found particularly funny as the heroes try to fight off a bunch of demons with a stash of sex toys.

Overall, Deathgasm is a silly 90 minute jaunt into the world of black metal, chainsaws, and demon worship. I had fun watching this movie from beginning to end and I don't even usually like horror movies. Check it out!