Stupid Rocks

Recently there was a bit of a hubbub as diamond distributors put out a new set of advertisements targeting millennials to pressure them into buying diamonds. 

Thinking that this was tone-deaf and ignorant of the socio-economic realities that millennials face, Mick wrote a poem challenging the diamond industry.

Then, he got around to viewing the advertisements and realized that the poem and the imagery in the commercials actually matched up. 

So he re-cut the commercials and recorded himself reciting his poem, Stupid Rocks. You can watch it right here, right now:

We don't want your stupid rocks.
We don't need those baubles to show our love.
We don't want you to pry them from the guts of the earth with slave labor-
to wipe them clean of the dirt and blood until they shine like stars ripped from the night sky,
like rotten teeth yanked from a diseased mouth.

We don't need your stupid rocks because
they don't make our love any more real.
Their cold kiss does nothing to remind us of
warm lip meeting lip, of skin touching skin, 
of one uniting with one and becoming one.

We can't have your stupid rocks because
choice has been stripped from us
because if dollars were vocal chords
we'd be mute and
we're saddled with the burden of
mortgaged futures and white picket dreams
becoming nightmares, so our hands
are too full to take on any more dead weight anyways.

Scoop them in your arms until
they are spilling onto the ground
to lie among the pebbles where they belong.
Do us all a favor and fill your pockets
with your stupid rocks and
go for a nice long swim.