NTWON: They Came Together

This month I had the distinct pleasure of watching They Came Together, a biting absurdist parody of every trope in the Rom-Com playbook. 

Directed by David Wain (the brains behind mega-comedy Wet Hot American Summer) and written by Wain and Michael Showalter, this movie lives up to its predecessor's brand of anti-humor and parody. 

They Came Together is pure fun straight from the get-go. The standard rom-com plotline is framed with a dinner conversation between two couples describing how they met. This conversation is meant to serve as an audience surrogate, as there are frequent cuts to the couple asking questions about what is being described.

The plot is a ridiculous pastiche of every Romantic Comedy you have ever seen. Line after line of dialogue has either been ripped straight from the mouth of other movies, or directly addresses the fact they are living in the fuzzy pink bubble that is life in a romantic comedy.

Beyond the tight writing, this movie is a 90 minute cameo. Every part is filled by someone famous and hilarious. It's basically Wet Hot American Summer set in New York City. 

They Came Together is a fun, relaxing watch and a must-see for anyone who is a fan of Rom-Coms. It's a perfect movie to cuddle up with someone special and enjoy together. Check it out!