I rarely go to the movies. There's something about being surrounded by strangers in a dark room that's not in my house, unable to get up to even use the bathroom without missing key plot points. 

However, this weekend I had the pleasure of going to the movies and seeing the film Interstellar.

Since winning an Academy Award, Matthew McConaughey has been enjoying A-lister status and when he's not making commercials that make no fucking sense, he's making awesome sci-fi films. 

Interstellar is an amazing film. I went in expecting it to be a movie with lots of special effects, little to no dialogue, and a generally unsatisfying ending.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Interstellar is a film with great special effects, engaging characters, and a tight plot.

I really can't stress how well written this movie is. Everything lines up perfectly. There is not a single plothole or loose end. Details are included with the touch of a pickpocket, especially the back story of humanity on the brink of extinction, which is never overtly explained, but never far from the main character's motivations.

This film is also beautifully shot, with many scenes reminiscent of sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. And even though it acknowledges its roots, Interstellar manages to carve out its own space in space.

There are many themes explored in this movie besides mankind's next step. It also explores the concepts of survival, isolation, and sacrifice, giving the characters a wide range of dimension and humanity. 

In short, this is an amazing movie and you should definitely go see it on the big screen.