Rick and Morty Season 2 Recap

Last night one of the best shows on television wrapped up its sophomore season. For those of you living under a rock, Rick and Morty is a show about the wacky sci-fi adventures of the mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith.

The brainchild of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon , Rick and Morty is a mix of sci-fi tropes, meta-humor,  and mood whiplash. It's hard to describe because there hasn't really been any other show like it.

If you haven't seen the second season yet, stop reading this article and watch every episode because there are SPOILERS BELOW. 

Okay, now that all of the posers are gone and the real fans are left, I thought it would be fun to rank the episodes of this season from worst to best. Feel free to bitch in the comments if you think I lowballed your favorite episode or whatever.

10. Interdimensional Cable II: Tempting Fate

Easily the weakest episode of the season, Interdimensional Cable II is a rehash the season one episode. Rick  says that they "pretty much nailed it the first time." Roiland has stated this episode was basically his fault. While I didn't hate this episode (it's still Rick and Morty), it's fair to say that this sequel to Interdimensional Cable was not as good as the original. This is partly because the novelty had worn off slightly and also because there was less overall structure in everything.


9. Get Schwifty

Get Schwifty comes in at the bottom simply because both the A and B plots are really weak. The song is silly and this episode spawned the dank-ass catchphrase "Show Me What You Got", but on the whole the reality-show plot just wasn't that entertaining and the satire of organized religion was heavy-handed. Still, this episode is miles ahead of Interdimensional Cable II.


8. A Rickle in Time

The season 2 opener just barely nudges into the number 8 slot not because it was bad, but because the other episodes are so much better. The A-plot is basically a bottle-episode with Rick, Morty, and Summer stuck in a state of uncertainty. The B-plot features Beth and Jerry arguing over a dead deer. This first episode of the season is particularly good because it hits the viewer with some major feels: Rick actually does care for Morty and is willing to completely sacrifice himself for his grandson's well-being.


7. Look Who's Purging Now

The penultimate (that's second to last) episode of the season is decent. The A plot carries the episode as Rick and Morty get stranded on a planet in the midst of its "festival". They are forced to fight their way off the planet after one of the natives steals Rick's ship. Morty exposes some of his inner frustrations in this episode and shows that he's got some serious anger simmering beneath the surface. The B plot features Summer berating Jerry for not getting a new job, but it's pretty weak and forgettable compared to the purge. 


6. Total Rickall

The main reason why this episode is number six is because of Mr. Poopybutthole. He's even spliced into the title sequence, which makes the joke even better. Total Rickall is unique because there is no B plot. The entire Smith family is locked down in the house with an expanding cast of increasingly ridiculous characters. Some of the biggest laughs of the episode come from the fact that the family is forced to recall bad memories about each other in order to distinguish between real people and parasites, which are predictably hilarious. Of course, the best part is the twist ending where it is revealed that Mr. Poopybutthole was real all along, much to Beth's embarrassment. 


5. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

Big Trouble in Little Sanchez is an interesting episode because the B-plot, in which Beth and Jerry attend couple's therapy and have to fight off demonized versions of themselves, is far more interesting than the A-plot, where Rick transfers his consciousness into a younger clone of himself. The B-plot is so good that it catapults this episode up to the number 5 slot. I personally found the A-plot very lacking, as it mainly consisted of Rick running around Morty and Summer's school shouting "Tiny Rick" over and over again. However, it stands to note that Summer is the one who actually saves the day in this one, since Morty is too preoccupied trying to nail Jessica, showing some serious character growth on her part.


4. Auto Erotic Assimilation 

Possibly the darkest episode of the season, Auto Erotic Assimilation ends on a particularly depressing note as Rick botches a suicide attempt following his break-up with the hivemind called Unity.  This episode was strong though, as viewers were given a glimpse into Rick's past and his sexual proclivities while Morty and Summer look on in horror. The B-plot was weak compared to the A, but still entertaining as Beth and Jerry explored Rick's lab in the garage. (Also, the song at the end of the episode is simply amazing- Do You Feel It? by Chaos Chaos)


3. The Wedding Squanchers

The finale cracks the top three and hoo boy is it a doozy. This episode affords the viewer (and the Smiths) even more backstory on Rick's past and expands on his relationship with Squanchy and Birdperson (RIP). Like Total Rickall, there is no B-plot in this episode, but really it would only get in the way. Shit goes down hard as the Galactic government raids the wedding and Rick and the Smiths hightail it out to a remote planet out of reach of the long tentacle of the law.  Rick then overhears his family complaining about how selfish he is and ends up turning himself in so they can return to Earth, which is now overrun with alien tourists. This is another episode that hammers you in the gut and makes you realize that Rick isn't as selfish as he appears to be. Mr. Poopybutthole (!) makes another appearance at the end of the episode to speculate with the viewers. The season ends on a great note and leaves everyone excited for season 3.


2. The Ricks Must Be Crazy 

The sixth episode takes the 2nd place slot for best episode of the season, just barely nudging out the finale. The A-plot is set up like a Russian nesting doll, as Rick and Morty delve deeper into different micro/mini/teeny -verses and eventually get stranded while Summer waits in the car for the B-plot. Part of the reason why this episode is ranked so highly is because of Stephen Colbert's cameo as Rick's rival. He absolutely nails the part and provides some hilarious back and forth with Roiland's Rick. The B-plot isn't too shabby either, as Summer gets into a stand-off with the army due to the overprotective nature of Rick's car. Simply put, this is some quality Rick and Morty.


1. Mortynight Run

Goddamn. Mortynight Run is the best episode of the season by a landslide. I am not exaggerating when I say that every single thing that happens in this episode is hilarious. Jemaine Clement's David Bowie spoof was a scream. Andy Daly's Krombopulous Michael killed me (he just loves killing). The return of Gearhead and his subsequent betrayal was also a pleasant surprise.  And oh man, the B-plot. An interdimensional day care for Jerry is comedy genius. Mortynight Run also includes arguably the best joke featured on Rick and Morty: An immersive videogame called Roy whose only object is live life as a human male named Roy. If I were to try to get someone interested in this show, I would show them this episode. This episode is Rick and Morty at its finest.


Welp. That's it. That's my breakdown of the season. Feel free to post your own top ten in the comments. We've only got a year, maybe a year and a half...or longer until the next season.