NTWON: The Package

After a brief hiatus, Nothing to Watch on Netflix is back and The Package is a doozy. A bunch of teenagers go on a camping trip and, because it's a movie, everything goes wrong. However, unlike every other movie about teenagers in the woods, there's only one casualty. Check the trailer below:

While it may seem like they give away the entire movie in the trailer, there is a lot going on beneath the surface of this movie about a guy who accidentally cut his dick off. Naturally, considering the subject matter, The Package is pretty irreverent and gross. If you're not okay with seeing a bunch of close up shots of a fake dick then you probably shouldn't watch it. 

It seems that the Workaholics crew is making moves into producing movies after wrapping up their wildly successful television and marginally less successful Netflix movie Game Over, Man. This time around, the boys team up with Ben Stiller's Red Hour Productions for their first foray into film where our three favorite slackers aren't the main leads, though Blake Anderson does have a small part. 

The Package is a dark comedy and probably not for the faint of heart. Considering the plot revolves around a group of friends trying to reattached their friend's severed dick, it's pretty goddamn gross. But the writers manage to find a lot of laughs in that dark place. What's better is that the cast is a made up of a slew of new and diverse faces. The typical comedy format of a bunch of idiot white dudes is shaken up with the addition of women and people of color, who, as it turns out, are pretty good at playing the part of teenage comedy idiots.

While it may seem like the trailer gives away the entire movie, there is a lot of other stuff that happens that comes out of fucking left field. When watching The Package, there will be lots of laughs coupled with some mild disgust and potentially a newfound fear of having your dick chopped off. But for the most part, you'll have a great time. 

Check it out!