NTWON: Game Over Man

This month's Netflix spotlight is the action-comedy brofest Game Over, Man! 

Now that Workaholics has finally ended, many people are itching to see more from everyone's three favorite stoner fuck-ups. Luckily, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Ander Holm, and director Kyle Newacheck anticipated this and put together a hilarious new movie for everyone exclusive to the 'Flix. 

Game Over Man! carries on the spirit of Workaholics in that it's full of drugs, dick jokes, and Adam Devine screaming. However, there are refreshing shake-ups that make the viewing experience novel. For one thing, the boys are actually playing characters as opposed to accentuated versions of themselves. Blake Anderson's character is particularly interesting simply because it's nice to see him play someone radically different from his character on Workaholics.

As made clear by the trailer, this movie is also full of cameos. Shaggy's is, of course, a hilarious highlight but there's a slew of other celebrities getting caught in the crossfire throughout the mayhem.  

Game Over, Man! was slaughtered by critics, but nobody putting this movie on should be expecting The Godfather in the first place. It's a dumb but enjoyable romp with some familiar funny faces.

Check it out!