NTWON: Disjointed

For January's Nothing to Watch on Netflix, we spotlight the workplace sitcom: Disjointed. 

Naturally, Disjointed is a little different from other workplace comedies like The Office or Parks and Rec because it takes place in a marijuana dispensary, which employs a slightly... different kind of person.

The show centers around Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who is the owner of Ruth's Alternative Caring in California. There is a colorful cast of supporting cast members to bolster Kathy Bates' lead that all subvert and embody different stereotypes and tropes of stoner culture.

Disjointed's connection to stoner culture is what sets it apart from the thousands of other sitcoms, especially the ones that the series creator usually churns out like Two and Half Man or the Big Bang Theory. While it still retains the laugh track, the show breaks out of the usually formulaic genre format to bring something new. One thing that's noticeable right off the bat is how much cursing there is. Because it's a Netflix show, there are no rules when it comes to swearing and that in turn makes the stoner culture within the show seem much more authentic as people who smoke weed aren't usually so uptight about language. Another thing that the writers and directors do is break up the typical sitcom A plot/B plot format with trippy animated interludes and in-universe YouTube videos made by the characters. 

Disjointed is a well-made show that will provide a lot of laughs without doing much to challenge you as a viewer. You don't have to be stoned to have fun watching, but like pretty much everything else in life it doesn't hurt. There are two seasons currently available right now. Check it out!