Archetypes and Absurdities - Adam Chambers

After attending the HOT conference in Hartford, CT this summer, Mick became fast friends with the multi-talented Adam Chambers. Adam is not only a gifted visual artist but a prolific writer, musician, and activist.  

I'm Right You're Wrong, Motherfucker! 

I explore themes of juxtaposition, humor and contradiction, often through the layering of image and text, in my visual work. My imagery is drawn from a wellspring of deeply personal experiences, yet is peppered with the archetypes and absurdities of pop culture as well, embodying a unique and imaginative aesthetic of social and personal commentary.

I make my art because I want to explore the untapped potential of that synergistic realm in which seemingly contradictory layers of meaning can co-exist. The irrational vs. the rational; image vs. language; clarity vs. obfuscation; the mundane reality of the everyday and of popular culture vs. the layered, self-contradicting reality of dreams.

ltimately, the most fundamental contradiction I wrestle with in my creative process is that of how to assemble meaning, both personally and culturally, on the unstable ground of the impersonal, existential absurdity that is our experience as social beings.