Fist Fight

For the 9th episode of Don't Watch This Shit, the boys are joined by ALSO THAT regular Keith Roland. The gang watched Fist Fight, starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day. In addition to discussing the movie, the boys also talked about bitchin' giant robots, solid deuces, and the market viability of a product called Fisty-Cuffs. Listen to the full podcast below! 

Felonies: 5

Drugs: 5

Ice Cube Angry Faces: 13


1. Excessive Millennial Pandering

2. Administration Straight Up doesn't give a shit. Actually, no one does.

3. Charlie Day is trained via series of bizarre teachers and trials.

4. Fight doesn't happen, or Charlie Day immediately eats shit.

5. Christina Hendrick's character has it out for Charlie Day (Ex-Wife or Lover from another school district)

Final Thoughts:

Just make it into an Always Sunny Episode.



1. Ice Cube gets a job by the end.

2. There is going to be sex in the school bathrooms.

3. A gun gets fired, probably not by either main character.

4. A boxing ring gets made.

5. Tracy Morgan was a boxer and there's a flashback.

Final Thoughts:




1. Celeb/cameo shout-outs

2. Multiple felonies will be committed

3. They will both end up in jail.

4. Training montage

5. Jokes will hinge on generational differences.

Final Thoughts:

This movie was a TKO. (I'm so sorry)



1. Double training montage but Charlie Day's sucks

2. The word "Fisticuffs" is mentioned.

3. Ice Cube is actually correct the entire time.

4. Ice Cube brings an ax to the fight or some other weapon.

5. There will be a ton of drug references.

Final Thoughts:

It was a solid #2. Not diarrhea.