They Exploit - Eddy James Nardozzi

Joining us on ALSO THAT is the incredibly talented Australian photographer Eddy James Nardozzi. Eddy's work shows incredible range, as his website boasts dizzying cityscapes alongside more pensive portraiture. He also does not stray from making political statements with his work, as his series They Exploit is a critique of the capitalist system we currently live in. 

I am making a Marxist political statement regarding the way a socialist views the world. The average person accepts the world the way it is, and doesn’t give much thought towards the negative effects of the economic system. I wanted to create imagery that shows what a socialist sees and thinks when they look at the capitalist businesses and organizations around them. Seeing the truth behind an obfuscated world through the lens, a kind of building on the way John Carpenter critiqued American capitalism in his movie, They Live, and how John Nada sees the truth through the the lenses of the sunglasses he acquires. Younger people are increasingly frustrated with capitalism and its failure to deliver the goods to their generation, and I wish to help push this wave of frustration against capitalism through the medium of photography.