Santa with Muscles

Mick, Jesse, and Taylor are joined by special guest Danny Henry to watch 1996's Santa With Muscles, starring Hulk Hogan and, for some reason, a very young Mila Kunis. We are also pleased to announce our new theme song, written and performed by Danny Henry (who is real). 

Bonks: 6

Puns: 8


  1. Wrassling Moves

  2. Wrassling Cameos

  3. Christmas-themed "I'm Gonna Beat You Up" Puns/ One-Liners

  4. Santa Will Not Go to Prison

  5. Ends with a nice family Christmas dinner

Final Thoughts: 

Needs more Wrestling



  1. Another Wrestler will appear for cameo (Macho Man Randy Savage)

  2. It will snow at the end even though it's in California

  3. Scientist is Evil because they didn't get presents as a kid

  4. There will be CGI Intro Credits that hurt to watch

  5. The Children will have a TON of one-liners

Final Thoughts: 

This movie put me in a sleeper hold.


  1. Too many puns

  2. Multiple head bonkage

  3. Christmas will only be peripheral to the story

  4. Hulk Hogan doesn't stop being Santa

  5. The "evil plot" will make no sense and would be easily accomplished through murder.

Final Thoughts: 

This movie put me in the Christmas spirit.

Danny Henry

  1. Hulk Hogan ends up with the main kid's Mom

  2. Black man only says stereotypical racist things

  3. Clint Howard gets really hurt

  4. Hulk Hogan meets the real Santa

  5. Once scientist is good

Final Thoughts: 

I kind of want to make a sequel after a heavy amount of drinking.