Deconstruction Reconstruction- Debbie Smith

You may remember seeing some of Debbie Smith's work from the time Mick and Willie went to New Haven Open Studios. This time, Debbie is sharing her latest series of micro-sculpture called Deconstruction Reconstruction.

 "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction" - Pablo Picasso

The creation of something new and different, something not yet seen, demands the destruction of the old and typical. This series was created from exactly this concept. Born from frustration and chaos, then reborn into order and beauty. I find hope in the idea that something can be destroyed and recreated to tell a whole new story. This concept drove me to reconstruct life from the chaotic leavings of deconstruction. Each image you see is a micro sculpture which was then photographed with a macro lense to preseve the verdant nature of the living pieces
— DS

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