Doo-Dads - Karl Strasen

Karl's work combines the modern with the classical. Some of his pieces uses the most cutting edge technology available to bring his vision to life, while others rely on the tried and true mediums of paint or graphite. His work takes the ordinary and put it in an extraordinary light by reducing it to its most basic elements. 

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I’ve loved art from an early age, but my work comes in fits and starts. Once a project starts to get too big, I feel overwhelmed and sweep it under the rug. In this sense, I am the king of unfinished projects. I find the futuristic space art of Robert McCall and the massive, raw landscapes of Bierstadt awe-inspiring. But the process to make such beautiful artworks was surely painstaking and more than I can handle. I’ve got a lot of sketch doo-dads at least.
My art is much smaller in size and ambition. But thematically, I connect with the idea of people and technology all being balanced with one another and with nature. Maybe this is rather idealist and simple, and maybe this isn’t present in all the images I’ve provided here as one or two are more inwardly focused. But the disc golfer, the scuba divers, and the space shit are all along those lines I think. In the future, I’d like to either depict more detailed landscapes with more subjects interacting or depict one single subject in greater detail.
Maybe Japanese woodblock prints are the answer. But for now, it’s more work and disc golf for me. Mick at Also That, thank you so much for sharing!