Don't Watch This Shit Episode 6: Yoga Hosers

Mick, Jesse, and Taylor watched Kevin Smith's second installment in the True North trilogy: Yoga Hosers, which stars Johnny Depp, Kevin Smith, and their daughters Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith and is the sequel to the movie Kevin Smith made on a dare. 

Tits: 0

Canadian Jokes: 43

"Fellow Kids" Jokes: 21


  1. Jason Mewes

  2. Canadian Jokes

  3. Hello Fellow Kids

  4. Mad Scientists= Bratzi

  5. Terrible CGI

  6. Johnny Depp/ Kevin Smith is big bad

  7. Bratzis crash senior party. 

  8. Fight montage involving yoga poses

  9. Excessive number of Kevin Smith/ Johnny Depp film references

  10. Friendship is threatened then saved.


  1. They never get to the party

  2. Good at combat for some reason

  3. Gratuitous Cameos

  4. Stupid Canadian Jokes

  5. We will see a Tim Horton's

  6. Terrible CGI

  7. This movie will not have a satisfying ending

  8. The girls will end up with no boyfriends at the end because they don't need no man.

  9. Inaccurate Yoga

  10. Gratuitous Millenial Jokes



  1. The word "hashtag" will be said aloud.

  2. Yoga positions will be sexualized or framed to look like sex

  3. Two horribly dated 2016 "hit tracks" will be used that won't age well

  4. The nazi's evil plan is only to take over Canada because they're so passive

  5. Remarks about the US being Canada's big brother, or the US saving the day are made.

  6. There are plastic-esque (Mean Girls) bitches as primary antagonist for the first 15 minutes.

  7. They never get to the part. The party was in their hearts.

  8. Saving the day makes them the coolest sophomores, every guy has 10k boners

  9. They stop to Instagram/Vine (RIP) an interaction with the monsters.

  10. Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith are in the movie (no parents, maybe Nazis.)