Serenity - Benjamin Casiano

As springtime comes, it's only fitting that Benjamin Casiano brings a splash of color to ALSO THAT. Benjamin is a Connecticut resident whose work is reminiscent of Picasso as he stylizes the human form with bold lines and bright colors. He has displayed his work in galleries all over the United States. 

I went from artist to designer and back again. Each year I would paint once every so often but when I fell victim to the great recession, my artistry was truly resurrected in the process. 
At first, it was a distraction while seeking employment as a designer. I began reminiscing on why I became an artist in the first place. I was able to tap into the deepest part of the subconscious without therapy, prayer or meditation. Each brushstroke became another part to a zen-like serenity. The studio became my sanctuary. 

Eventually, I accumulated a body of work and was accepted into a few galleries near home. Today my work has been viewed in several major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Delaware and Providence. 

I paint every day just to add a bit to our culture & society, one painting at a time. One exhibition at a time.

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