Unlocked Ability- Marianne Schmidt

Marianne Schmidt is a talented artist with a remarkable story and one of the kindest people you can meet. Her work is vibrant and full of life with bright colors and natural subjects.   


My ability and vision for art come from a brain injury which unlocked ability I never had before. This happened about 2 years ago. Since then my passion has grown as well as my skill. I have been blessed to do many portraits of people's pets with a focus on horses.I have become know as an Equine artist after winning the International Equus Film Festival Art contest in 2016. However, horses are just one of the things I love to paint. I enjoy capturing special moments in people's lives through paint. I think what I enjoy the most is where reality meets whimsy.  The mediums I choose to work in are acrylic, oil, and pastels. I look forward to discovering more about the creative process through collaboration with other artists and trying new things on 2017. My new studio TRUTH COLORS at 305 Knowlton in Bridgeport is the perfect place to continue on this path of discovery.