NTWON: Saving Capitalism


This month's Nothing to Watch on Netflix is a documentary called Saving Capitalism, which follows former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

This documentary gives viewers an inside look as Reich travels across the country promoting his book, which is also titled Saving Capitalism, in addition to speaking with "real" average Americans about their opinions of the current economic system and how it affects their day to day lives.

In spite of the title, this movie is very critical of the present way we have organized our society. Armed with a wealth of easily digestible statistics, Reich makes a strong case for reform across a wide swath of fields including lobbying, campaign finance, and inequality.

Reich works hard to reach people of all kinds of ideologies. He meets with average working stiffs, hardcore conservatives, and even sitting politicians. No matter who he meets, everyone agrees that the current system does little to benefit the average American voter and that there needs to be a change made soon before everything falls apart.

In spite of the wholly depressing subject matter, the film has a very positive tone and Reich seems confident that the system can be reformed so that it works for the average person instead of moneyed interests. It's up to the individual viewers to examine the proof and decide for themselves whether or not reform is possible.