Rush Hour

Mick cut together another video. This one is a visualization of his poem "Rush Hour". Watch and read along below.

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5'o clock rolls around and we skitter
from our gray nests out into the world
for another few hours of freedom.
Our spirits soar like children released
for summer break, though
we shamble like zombies
through cavernous parking structures
to cars we can barely afford.
The line of vehicles idling
winds like a python
choking the flow of traffic
as exhausted workers go from
gas to break to gas again
inching down the road car by car,
the radio static and top forty dreck
occasionally punctuated by
the blast of a horn.
Heavy eyelids droop at red lights
only to snap open again
as if spring loaded.
We are a plague upon the highway,
a cloud of sluggish locust
belching exhaust as we
stop and go and stop
our way home.
The list of things to do hangs
like ticker tape before our eyes,
populating with the ever-accumulating
trivialities that make up life
only to vanish into vapor
when it comes time to act.
Then there are those brief moments
of horror and genuine introspection
where you take stock and find
that just a little bit more of yourself
has been worn away,
that your soul is being strip-mined
for bottom dollar
and by the time you understand
what it is that's happening to you
you're in your driveway and
there's so much to do before
you go to sleep and start it
all over again tomorrow.