Don't Watch This Shit Episode 3: The Chase

This month Mick Theebs, Jesse Roy, and special guest Amy Jay sat down and watched a forgotten jewel of the early 90's called The Chase, starring Charlie "The Sheenster" Sheen and Kristy Swanson of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.

Tit Count: 0

Felony Count: 7

Car Crash Count: 10


  1. At least 10 felonies will be committed
  2. Girl has controlling father
  3. Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie
  4. Sex while driving
  5. They won't have to stop for gas.
  6. Charlie Sheen gets arrested
  7. Girl stands up to her father.
  8. Girl also gets arrested
  9. Dated 90's references
  10. Trash soundtrack

Final Rating: 

There are worse movies, I guess.



  1. Charlie's Crime = Murder of someone close to the Sheenster
  2. Charlie Sheen gets off scot-free
  3. Kristy stands up to workaholic daddy
  4. Highway to Hell
  5. Lots of car explosions and crashes
  6. Ramp Truck Ramp
  7. Tractor-trailer with logs, steel, cars, whatever tips over.
  8. If he doesn't get off (hehehe), prison phone conversation through glass.
  9. Hardass police guy who HATES Sheeneroni
  10. Police shootout

Final Rating:

Just Watch the Trailer

Amy Jay

  1. Roadhead (PG-13 version)
  2. Girl has Dad issues
  3. Charlie Sheen had a rough childhood
  4. The TV News is always at the right part of the story when someone turns on a TV
  5. They get to Mexico
  6. She gets him out of legal trouble because love.
  7. No breasts
  8. The whole movie takes place in <48 hours
  9. No one gets shot
  10. Car phone will get destroyed.

Final Rating:

Will Put on While Cleaning House