The Language of Color -Fior Rodriguez

ALSO THAT is proud to share the work of Fior Rodriguez with the world.

A Connecticut-based artist, Fior blends the fantastic with the realistic in a visceral style all her own. Her use of color and stylization of the human form are particularly unique and interesting elements of her work.

My work rarely has an intended message to convey, although sometimes I secretly throw in something embarrassingly emotional for my own personal satisfaction. I subconsciously transfer thoughts and feelings I often don’t realize I am even experiencing into shapes and colors. I would much rather the viewer interpret my work as they please. To me, my paintings are a language; the colors have meaning and express ideas I am incapable of putting into words. Sometimes I try to be funny, sometimes I draw inspiration from other works, but most of the time I’m just dark and weird. I try not to be too pretentious about it; they speak for themselves
— FR