Too Young

Mick decided to ring in the new year right by sharing a new poem. Listen to it/ Read it below! 

I've been on this earth for a little more
than two decades
and have only been awake
for a couple of years
yet I feel like I've gone
eighty rounds with The Champ,
(Rest in Peace)
and had my head pounded in
and my face beaten to a pulp
by the red gloves they buried him in.
You'd never know it by looking
but behind this smile
and braying guffaw
is a bundle of frayed nerves
and fried circuits.
I haven't even lived
until I've tried diving from cliffs in Mexico
or have visited the country of Africa
to take photos with dark-skinned natives
shirtless and starved
to post on my Facebook
so everyone knows that I'm a globally-minded
forward thinking
loving, caring, empathetic
bleeding heart
neoliberal cocksucker. 
I'm too young to be
this late-stage Mark Twain, 
waiting for Haley's Comet
to make another pass
and take me off this rock
that God forgot.
I'm too young to be
this dying Vonnegut
recounting his mistakes
as the very fabric of time
quakes around him.
I'm too young to be
Papa drinking himself to death.
I'm too young to be... 
I'm too young...
I'm too...