NTWON: WolfCop

As fall approaches, it only makes sense to spotlight a crazy horror movie like WolfCop. WolfCop is a movie that falls into a class of its own, as there are plenty of comedic moments coupled with scenes of brutal depravity. Following in the footsteps of other comedy-horrors like The Evil Dead and Shaun of the DeadWolfCop flies off the rails about halfway through its brief 70 minute run-time. 

WolfCop starts slow as they hammer the point home that the main character, Lou Garou, is possibly the worst cop in America. For reasons that are left unrevealed, he is in a constant state of drunkenness. Don't expect to have any questions answered in this movie. Just let the absurdity overtake you as the chaos unfolds.

It should be noted (and viewers should be warned) that there is some extremely graphic violence and body horror in this movie. One particularly notable scene depicts possibly the most terrifyingly realistic transformation sequence ever filmed. There's also plenty of relatively mundane human on human violence peppered in as well to remind viewers that we don't need to be werewolves to mutilate each other. 

Much of the humor lies in the absurd visual gag of a werewolf dressed in a police officer's uniform doing everyday tasks like driving a car, getting laid, and shooting bad guys. Cinematically, there are many call backs to the old-school horror movies along with more modern classics. The quick cuts are especially reminiscent of Edgar Wright's visual style.

On the whole, WolfCop is a movie to watch with some good friends and strong drinks. Sometimes you'll be laughing at a joke and other times you'll be laughing because you don't know how else to process your deep discomfort. It's an absurd descent into madness that's good for a couple of laughs.