NTWON: Jane the Virgin


Normally, Mick watches manly shows and movies about manly men solving problems in a manly way- usually through bare-knuckle boxing matches or, if there's really something to be sorted out, an explosion that he doesn't look back at.

This month, however, he's exploring his feminine side and branching out by watching Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin is, at its heart, a parody of telenovelas while also being a telenovela. Centering in on the titular Jane, it's a story about how she became impregnated through gross negligence and incompetence. Of course, her life is thrown into chaos and she has to navigate one crisis to the next.

This show is a solid blend of laughing with and at. There are some characters that bring genuine laughs every time they grace the screen. Sometimes the absurdity of the lines/scenes/ the fact that many people had to greenlight what was happening creates a laugh of its own.

This isn't to say that there aren't flaws. The narrator can be particularly grating as the audience is assumed to have the memory and situational awareness of a goldfish. Some of the characters are just the worst and not in a love-to-hate-them kind of way, but more like a this-show-show-would-be-so-much-better-without-them kind of way. Episodes can feel a lot longer than the 45 minute run time, mostly because of how much is happening

You see, there are a million different plot threads branching out in all directions with Jane at the periphery of many of them. There's so much jumping around in this show that it makes Game of Thrones look like Cast Away.

Overall, Jane the Virgin is a really fun show to watch, especially in the company of friends in order share laughs in the good moments and eyerolls in the... ahem less believable ones.