Jeff Anderson: Perpetual High

I met Jeff during Greenpoint Open Studios when he was kind enough to open his home to the public. I was so taken with his work that I asked him to share more of it here on ALSO THAT.

As Jeff states below, photography does not do justice to the sheer size and scale of his work. His sculptures are nothing short of breathtaking in their magnitude and beauty. If you find yourself in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I highly recommend paying his studio a visit. I promise Jeff won't mind the company, as he is one of the most hospitable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Check out his website here.

When looking at the following photos of my sculptures and furniture, I should explain that it is difficult to photograph electrified art. The photos do not capture the intensity or atmosphere of the lighting. They show the design and scale of my work, but my art can only be fully appreciated by seeing it in person. I welcome anyone who would like to come and see my work. To make an appointment, or if you are interested in acquiring my art, you can call me at: 347-517-7820 or email me at:

I work in stainless steel, stained glass, wood and plexiglass, with neon and LED lighting. My life would be simpler if I painted watercolors, but I prefer to make large-scale electrified light sculptures, since, the bigger the size, the bigger their impact. In addition, I make furniture, which I also consider to be sculptures. The major drawback is that my work is heavy and unwieldy (I do not want to compromise by making my sculptures smaller and less impactful). I have to hire a moving company with about 5 strong guys to help me transport my art; while I am usually having a nervous breakdown fearing that they will drop it! It is easier for people to come to my studio to see my work than for me to bring it to them. Since I like to work on a large scale, my sculptures are ideally suited for public spaces and office buildings.

In my opinion, the worst reaction that an artist can have to his or her work is ambivalence. An art teacher once said to me, “If one sees a work of art that he hates so much that he pulls it off the wall, tears it to shreds and pees on it, it is probably a great work of art” (please don’t extend me that compliment)! Fortunately, when people see my sculptures, they are unable to walk by without noticing them. I try to make as bold a statement as I can so that my work is impossible to ignore.

To me, my art is a “perpetual high.” Other pleasures in life are ephemeral. Even if you don’t like my work, it is my greatest pleasure, which is all that matters to me. Fortunately, other people appreciate it and enjoy it, too!

To see more of my work, go to my website:
— JA