Miranda-Lee Kurucz: Fluidity and Unpredictability

I've always been a fan of art depicting animals, which is why I when I saw Miranda's work I knew I needed to share it here on the site. Free form and visceral, her watercolors beautifully capture the organic colors and shapes found in nature. 

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My name is Miranda-Lee Kurucz, and I was born in Surrey, BC and raised in the natural splendor of Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada. Growing up in such a natural environment it is easy to see that much of my inspiration has been developed by my surroundings and my love for animals. I have dabbled and experimented with many mediums but find comfort in the fluidity and unpredictability of water colors. For me, my art has always been a thing of the heart; it has been done as a gift for friends-- a way to add a personal element to special occasions. It is rare that I will sit down and paint for myself and be happy with the results. But when someone has asked me to create, that is when I perform. 
Many of my paintings are creatures that you will find right here in British Columbia-- Coastal wildlife photographer, April Bencze, has lent her lens to my inspiration and allowed me to capture her found moments on my canvases. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about British Columbia, our coastal wolves, and the other wildlife that graces our province to visit: http://www.aprilbenczewildlife.com