Be Weird- Nox

 We're excited to share the work of up and coming hip-hop artist, Nox. 

Nox blends modern production with a old-school edge. He raps about typical gangsta shit like toting guns and hitting blunts in addition to more thoughtful and politically charged stuff like the imminent collapse of civilization. Listen to his tracks below! 

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Be weird. Be as weird as you can be, because life is short and too often boring. Find something you really care about and go for it. Don’t let people discourage you because you want to do something different or something they might not understand.
I’ve been writing for a couple years. Started performing about a year ago, hitting up the open mics, finding some like-minded people, and I only regret not doing it sooner. If you’ve got art inside of you, let it out. You’ll find the people it resonates with.