Don't Watch This Shit Ep. 2: Racing Stripes


Tit Count: 0

Felony Count: 2

Fart Count: 4

Pun Count: 30


1. I am going to hate the flies
2. Corrupt rich person
3. Last minute come-around from authority
4. Impossible assistance from animals
5. Fart Jokes
6. Animals are smarter than people
7. Stripe puns, oh god
8. Snoop Dogg weed reference
9. Single dad, dead mom
10. The power of friendship saves day

Final Rating:

Pretty Shitty



1. No mother- probably dead
2. Zebra has easily corrected identity crisis
3. Flies/animals do rendition of song a la Shrek
4. Romance subplot for zebra
5. Excessive number of zebra jokes/animal puns
6. Snotty rich people rival
7. Slow-mo race finish/ camera finish
8. Zebra gets injured/sick/sabotaged before the big race
9. Fart jokes from animals
10. Barn animals get payback on snooty rich people

Final Rating:

Pretty Shitty



1. No less than 2 farts for comedy
2. One Smash Mouth song
3. The mom is dead
4. Dad’s failure as racer will be flashed back to
5. Win by technicality (not final win)
6. “There’s no rule saying zebras can’t race”
7. Edgy use of the c-word (crap)
8. Female foil, super rich with horse, wears all white
9. Derpy doting boy friend friend
10. Colonel Sanders dressed in all white, cliche accent

Final Rating:

Not that bad, I guess