Mick Goes to Yale Art Gallery

Mick had the pleasure of visiting the Yale University Art Gallery located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Free to the general public, this gallery is home to art ranging from classical Greek sculptures and traditional African masks to more contemporary artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. (Not surprising when you got that Yale $$$$.)

There's something for everyone in this gallery. If you're interested in Iconography, they've got a whole section of Early Christian frescos and icons. If you keep it old school with English Portraiture, they have a whole section of that for you, too, complete with creepy eyes that follow you across the room! If your tastes are more avant-garde, they've got Warhols, Basquiats, and Rothkos for your perusal. 

Take a look at the photos Mick took on his little outing and stop by for a visit.