Shaunda Holloway- I am Here

You may remember seeing some of Shaunda's work from a few weeks back when Mick and Willie visited the New Haven Open Studios. Shaunda was kind enough to share more of her work here on ALSO THAT. 

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It’s a privilege to be an artist and a great responsibility.  The materials dictate the outcome for me. Working with tactile items like wood, bogolanfini (mudcloth), linen, and other fabrics gives a unique texture and character to my prints.
As a painter wood is much more satisfying to paint on. Sometimes the grain comes through in the piece which provides excitement.   As a printmaker textiles offer tremendous possibilities—every fabric has its own story to tell.
Using both oil paints  and printing ink, it is my effort to express the things many wish to say: I am here, here I am, and I have been here.