Don't Watch This Shit Ep 1: Road Trip

For a very long time, Mick has wanted to start a podcast. Today, that dream is finally realized as he and his dear friend Jesse started Don't Watch This Shit.

The basic premise of Don't Watch This Shit is Mick and Jesse pick a movie they have never seen before and anticipate to be a pile of steamy sweaty doo-doo. They then each construct lists of things they hope and expect to happen, watch the movie, and discuss whether or not the movie met their expectations before ultimately giving the movie a rating in the form of modern hieroglyphs known as emojis. Listen to the podcast below in addition to a written version of their lists and ratings.


  1. 6 different tits.
  2. Someone gets pooped on.
  3. Someone catches on fire.
  4. People shout "road trip" in unison
  5. Sex with an older lady
  6. Creepy hitchhiker
  7. Farmer's daughter
  8. Andy Dick Cameo
  9. Girlfriend doesn't care about cheating
  10. Dumb artistic ability


Final rating:

Probably go ahead


  1. Tits
  2. Tom Green does something gross
  3. Dildo jokes
  4. Gay jokes
  5. Foreign people joke
  6. Car trouble
  7. Tom Green butt
  8. Cum in face
  9. School bus full of hot chicks/ weirdos
  10. Creepy hitchhiker
  11. Naked with tube socks
  12. Doing something for money

Final rating: