NTWON: World of Tomorrow

Normally short films are reserved for Wednesdays, but Netflix has recently added Don Hertzfeld's latest animation: World of Tomorrow, so naturally I had to share it here, since I am a huge fan of his work.

World of Tomorrow is the story of a little girl who meets a version of her future self. She goes on an adventure through time and space, learning about the future and all of the crazy things that eventually happens to Future Emily.

True to the Hertzfeld style, World of Tomorrow is a poignant reflection on life, death, and love. Similar to It's Such a Beautiful Day (which is also on Netflix), an overarching theme is facing one's mortality. However, World of Tomorrow specifically focuses on how technology shapes humanity's quest for immortality. Of course, there are tons of morbid jokes and surrealist gags peppered in to keep things relatively light.

Overall, World of Tomorrow is worth far more than its 16 minute runtime. It's touching and sad and funny and will absolutely make you think. It has won tons and tons of awards, so even if my word means nothing to you, many other people have praised Hertzfeld's latest work for its heart and ingenuity. 

Watch it today.