The Wolf Hunter

This week, I have decided to debut a short story called "The Wolf Hunter".  It's about a man delving into the underworld of a place called Carser City as he searches for his daughter.

I've often been criticized for including too much dialogue in my prose, so I tried something new with this story by not including any quotation marks. It was a challenge, but I think it did improve the overall flow of the writing. Is it something I that want to do with every piece of writing? Absolutely not, but it was a good learning experience.

Outside of expanding my horizons as a writer, I am also releasing this short story as an overture to an upcoming novel called The Animal Inside, which also takes place in Carser City. Not exactly a prequel, "The Wolf Hunter" is meant to serve as background context on some of the events in the novel. 

Go ahead and click the button to access the free pdf and give this short a read.