What Your Favorite Book Says About You

The Great Gatsby: 


You are an ambitious person who has a taste for the finer things in life. You love to party and have a great time with people that don't give a shit about you. You also really need to get over your ex.


Pride and Prejudice:

 You are a smart, strong, and free-thinking person who has trouble with first impressions. You tell people that you just speak your mind and tell it like it is, but pretty much everyone just thinks you're an asshole. You abhor the idea of marriage but will probably get married anyways.


To Kill a Mockingbird: 

Doing the right thing is most important to you, even when it's an unpopular position to take. Occasionally, you go on long preachy rants about morality and people tend to tune you out. You might be a racist.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: 

You're driven by wanderlust and want to see as much of the world as possible. This probably stems from the fact that you come from a broken home full of neglect and abuse. You're definitely a racist.


The Harry Potter Series: 

You're full of wonder and secretly hope that magic is alive in the world. You're often overenthusiastic at parties and some people think you talk too loud. You also probably read some really creepy fan fiction.


The Hunger Games Series:

 You're like a Harry Potter Person, except shorter and less interesting. You've considered buying a bow from Dick's Sporting Goods. You aren't allowed to come within 100 feet of Jennifer Lawrence. 


The Fountainhead: 

You have a strong sense of who you are and are fiercely independent. People tend to be put off by your cool demeanor and consider you to be a creepy loner. Nobody would be surprised if it turned out that you were a rapist or a serial killer or something fucked up like that. 


House of Leaves

You consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of art and culture. The reality is that nobody has any idea what the hell you're talking about and are only nodding along to placate you. Half the time you yourself don't understand the nonsense spewing out of your mouth.


The Catcher in the Rye:

 You haven't completely lost your childhood innocence. Specifically, you haven't lost that childish impulse to whine about how crappy everything is. You love to get drunk and complain about how you haven't lost your virginity. All of your friends secretly think that you're a massive phony. 


A Song of Ice and Fire Series: 

You tend to see the worst in people and are often accused of being a pessimist. You call yourself a realist, but you're actually a masochist. You are a sociopath with zero regard for the human decency.