Another Period

It's been a big summer for TV. Lots of new shows are breaking into the evening line ups. We've got the new season (version?) of HBO's True Detective sliding in nicely at the Sunday 9pm power-slot. We've got Hannibal Burress' new show Why? coming in on Wednesday nights. But there's one new show that I'm particularly excited for: Tuesday evening's Another Period.

Another Period is the brainchild of stars Riki Lindholm and Natasha Leggaro. To put it simply, this show is hilarious. Both Lindholm and Leggaro have extensive backgrounds in comedy: Lindholm with her work in the band Garfunkle and Oats and Leggaro with her stand-up comedy, most notably her appearance on the Roast of Justin Bieber.

This show is completely stacked with comedy powerhouses. David Wain. Michael Ian Black. David Koechner. And that's not even counting the cameos. It seems like everyone who is anybody is going to make an appearance on this show, which makes sense considering Ben Stiller's production company Red Hour is the one paying the bills. So far we've gotten Thomas Lennon, Jessica Chaffin, Rich Fulcher, Tim Heidecker, and Jack Black (in this week's episode) 

Taking place in early 1900's  Rhode Island, Another Period centers on the wealthy Bellacourt family, with Riki and Natasha playing Beatrice and Lillian Bellacourt.  The Bellacourts are a family of wealthy idiots, similar to another family of wealthy idiots that currently occupy the spotlight.  So far, there have only been three episodes, so it's difficult to suss out where or not there will be a season long plot arc. As it stands now, it looks like things will come to some kind of head at the end of the season.

The writing is particularly biting when it comes to social satire, lampooning things like income inequality and rape culture without coming off as overly preachy. It's more of a light peppering of criticism among ridiculous situations and physical comedy rooted in the absurdity of history. 

I know it's only been a few episodes, but Another Period is quickly becoming my favorite series of the summer. It doesn't show any signs of simmering down. Watch this show and you're gonna laugh, it's as simple as that. Check out one of my favorite scenes below: