Guest Post: Breathe New Life by Keith Roland

My main man Keith (who you may remember from his 2014 guest post Technicolor Wonder) makes his return to ALSO THAT with his new series of multimedia art. 

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Some photographs just never really get old to me. They continue their life in so many forms, and within the mind. Something one contemplates while sitting alone, gazing out into space, or across the seemingly infinite ocean, or even when taking the next photograph.

I decided to breathe new life into some of my favorite photos with a little bit of mixed media, basically, I took my adult crayons (oil pastels) and began drawing on them. The first few came out nice, but really had no defining characteristics other than being drawn on. However, I came up with a series to begin, completely by accident, after drawing a mask over one of my shots. So without further adieu, here is the beginning of my series of masks...
— KR