Guest Post: I'd choose to be good- Richard Rensberry

Richard is a fellow blogger and writer whose work smacks of the beer-soaked musings of Charles Bukowski. Keep an eye out for his book of poetry The Wolf Pack Moon to be released this June. Check out his site and blog.

Richard Rensberry is the author of The Wolf Pack Moon, a book of modern poetry that will be published this June and available on Amazon and at
His blog is
His poetry has appeared in several journals including The Midwest Poetry Review,
Touchstone Press, and Impact Magazine. He resides in Oakland, California.

     The Big House

                           If I were San Quentin,
                           I would hold the key
                           to everything evil.
                           My heart would beat
                           with the tattooed fists
                           of men sentenced
                           into my keep, boys gone
                           crazy as their crimes.
                           I’d feel like guilt
                           most of the time.  I’d be a maze
                           of whispers and lies.  Truth,
                           if it existed at all, would arrive
                           in shackles, whimper and fold
                           on death row.
                           I’d have rats for eyes.
                           I would hold you close
                           and gnaw on your will.  Time
                           would stagger, stumble and fall 
                           still as their victims. 
                           If I were San Quentin,
                           I’d have an IQ
                           of ten.  I’d clatter and clank
                           the whole night through.
                           I’d hone my shank
                           and lower my pants.
                           I’d show you the sorriest
                           crack of an ass
                           if I were San Quentin.

From The Wolf Pack Moon by Richard Rensberry
to be published this May by QuickTurtle Books®


           A Bloody Mess

                          They came on stealth feet,
                          two of them like animals,
                          with hammer and screwdriver
                          they pried into my treasures
                          of sleep, privacy, and dreams.
                          It was their intention
                          to steal them, haul them away
                          in paper bags, spend them
                          on something worthless as crack
                          cocaine.  They crept like time
                          ticking through the house
                          with flashlights up the stairs.
                          They spoke with two voices,
                          one male and one female
                          stinking of beer.  I could taste it.
                          It was bitter and acrid and rank
                          enough to fill me with fear.
                          It was never in my head to think
                          of empathy, poetry or love.
                          I thought of blood and guts
                          with gun poised and ready
                          to kill.

            The Gamble

                 If I were luck,
                 I’d choose to be good.
                 I’d live in your pocket
                 and kiss your fingers
                 long before you roll the dice.
                 I’d blow on your hands and help you out
                 with a flippant flip of a silver coin.  If I were luck,
                 I’d pick from the deck 
                 the ace of hearts.  You’d hit the jackpot
                 of love and friendship.  We’d trick the devil
                 and outwit gods.  If I were luck,
                 you’d beat the odds.

From The Wolf Pack Moon by Richard Rensberry
to be published this May by QuickTurtle Books®