Natural Alignments- Max Padilla

I met Max at MassArt and was immediately struck by the quality of his work, especially his paintings. I had to share his unique perspective on my website. Enjoy! 

In my work I find myself thinking about observable alignments: the unpredictable nature of converging objects and situations. I investigate this notion through 2D and 3D geometric abstractions. My practice explores different methods of intersecting plains and lines through instinctual divisions of proportions. This allows me to naturally find moments where facets align coincidentally due to a past decision.  
Natural alignments are an inexplicable and unpredictable phenomenon that occurs through everyone’s day-to-day life. All of our decisions, no matter how trivial, create a wake that will coincide further in either our own lives or someone else’s. I find that some of the more curious experiences of life are the coincidental moments we cannot explain or fathom the extent of synchronicity that led up to that moment.   All of our “luck” is an amalgamation of various actions and reactions that cosmically collide with our own. My work metaphorically mimics this existentialism through scrutinizing the infinite consequences of alignment.