NTWON: The One I Love

This month, I sat down and watched director Charlie McDowell's debut film, The One I Love

This is a movie that is hard to describe succinctly for two reasons:

1: It transcends genre. The writers and director have cherry-picked techniques and tropes from comedy, drama, romance, and science-fiction to create a blend solely their own.

2: I don't want to give anything away. While this is a movie that is very much character-driven, there are some key plot points whose premature revelation could spoil the viewing experience.

Going through a rough patch in their marriage, Ethan and Sophie (played by Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss) go on a romantic getaway to get their groove back. They go to a house recommended to them by their therapist (a cameo by Ted Danson). Things take a turn for the surreal when Ethan and Sophie encounter something strange in the property's guest cottage. 

That's about as good as it can get for the plot summary without any major giveaways. As I mentioned before, this is a movie that is entirely driven by the characters- more specifically by Ethan and Sophie's strained marriage.

I wouldn't recommend watching this movie with your significant other unless you feel like getting into a huge fight. In all seriousness, this movie raises a slew of questions on the nature of fidelity and identity. Sounds like a laugh a minute, right? This isn't Supertroopers. You're not gonna be laughing out loud at this movie. There are scenes that are funny in an absurd, existential kind of way. 

Overall, this was a great movie that kept my attention through the entirety of its 90 minute run time.  It is thought provoking and dynamic and leaves you with some things to consider about the nature of love. 

Check it out!