NTWON: Horns

Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way since Harry Potter. In February's installment of Nothing to Watch on Netflix, everyone's favorite Elijah Wood lookalike trades in his wand for a set of Horns.

I've been really excited to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer many moons ago. I don't know what it was that appealed to me about this movie. There was just something about the poster that really pulled me in. 

However, mostly because I'm dumb, I never got a chance to see Horns in theaters. Imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that it was on the 'Flix.

This is a movie that straddles the line of several genres. First and foremost, it's a fantasy. Horns sprout out from Ig's (Radcliffe) without any warning or explanation. It's also a mystery. Ig's girlfriend is murdered and he adamantly defends his innocence. Naturally, it's hard to believe a guy who has horns growing out of his forehead, so the meat of the movie is Ig's search for his girlfriend's killer.

Horns is also very much a comedy. Along with Ig's horns come some strange powers. Most notably, people confess their darkest, most depraved secrets and desires when in Ig's company. This, of course, leads to some fucked up, but hilarious confessions. People also lose their self control and indulge in depraved debauchery and sin, which leads to some crazy situations as well.

It's a real shame that Horns didn't get more hype or recognition. I found it to be entertaining and engaging and exciting. I really wish I could go into more detail here about this, but I don't want to give anything away. Because this movie is at its core a mystery, I can't give any plot details away without unraveling the whole thing.

Just trust me on this one. Horns is a great pick. Check this one out.