Black Jesus

The second coming is here. Jesus is back and blacker than ever. This Adult Swim show answers the burning question on every religious scholar's mind: What if Jesus walked among us today and was also a 6 foot tall black man wearing a wig? The answer is Black Jesus.

I had to see this show just for the premise alone. I immediately became hooked on watching and have since plowed through the first and second season.

The most engaging aspect of Black Jesus is how believable all of the interactions with Jesus are. Some people dismiss him as a false prophet or a crazy person. Others acknowledge his role as the son of God, but demand that he use his divine powers to further their own selfish ends. Then there are the ones who hang out and smoke blunts with him and let him crash on their couch sometimes.

Created by Aaron McGruder, it also features Boondocks veterans Charlie Murphy and John Witherspoon, who serve as the primary antagonists Vic the Landlord and Lloyd the Homeless Guy. Slink Johnson plays the titular Black Jesus and brims with sunshine as Jesus tries to spread love and kindness among his slacker/stoner friends living the struggle in Compton.

Overall,  Black Jesus is a funny show with a ton of heart. It's not overly preachy and not even as outlandish as some of the other stuff on Adult Swim once you get over the name/premise. Both seasons are streaming now on for your viewing pleasure.