NTWON: Oldboy

Just in time for Halloween, Oldboy is a horrifying thrill from start to finish. I'm not talking about the weak-ass American remake, you need to see the real deal, the 2003 Korean version with subtitles. 

Where to begin? This movie does everything right: a story that keeps you guessing to the last minute, a cast that gives it their all in every scene, and visuals that will make your head spin.

Oldboy is one of the best written movies I have ever had the pleasure to watch. The plot is something straight out of a Greek tragedy, soaked in blood and betrayal and revenge. Even though it's all subtitles, there are still lines that will make you shiver. I really can't say much more about what happens without giving away major plot points, but I assure you: you will not see the end coming. Don't even bother trying to guess. It's gonna come out of left field and make you completely re-evaluate everything you just watched.

Another thing that's great about Oldboy is that in spite of how dark of it is, there are still for funny moments. Of course, it's all gallows humor, but it serves as breathing room between the crazy plot and the insane fight scenes (like the one to the right). This is absolutely due to the delivery of the lines and the expressions of the actors, who commit to their parts with heartbreaking reality.

And visually, you will not find a better movie. Director Chan-wook Park takes some risks and boy do they pay off. Surreal moments are blended seamlessly into the grit of the city, allowing viewers to gain insight in the unhinged mind of Dae-su Oh.

Watch this movie immediately. I cannot recommend it highly enough.