Flutter By

I got a book on watercolors, so I've been experimenting with those a little.

I really like them. It's a forgiving medium.

I mean, it's REALLY easy to make a mistake, but it's also really really easy to correct a mistake since all you have to do is wipe the paint away with a paper towel.

Anyways, this painting is called Flutter By.

First I had to get the shape of the butterfly down. I originally wanted to go with a monarch pattern, but soon scrapped that idea.

The first attempt

The first attempt

I really really like this first draft. There's something about the texture I just love. I wish there were elements of it that I kept in the final, but I sacrificed that grittiness for a more blended approach in the final draft.

I'm happy with my first water color painting. I think it turned out pretty good.

I made this painting as a gift, so hopefully the recipient is just as pleased with it as I am.