Margo Virzera- A Colorist By Nature

The first time I met Margo, I was quite drunk at my younger sister's 21st birthday party. When she informed me that she was an artist (and a classmate of my sister's) I insisted on seeing her work.

Then, once she finally got around to showing me some of her portfolio, I insisted on her having a guest post here.

I love the way that she makes colors pop on the canvas. This, coupled with the use of animal imagery, gives her work an exotic, almost tropical feel. 


My work is influenced by a combination of human form and the environment. A colorist by nature, I exaggerate tints of colors found within each form. I've always been intrigued by the surreal, and tend to incorporate a dash of surrealism into some pieces. My work has led me to love and be inspired by all that surrounds me.