Scott Pilgrim is Amazing and Everyone Should Read It

Recently, I purchased Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Box set off of Amazon.

I enjoyed the movie and thought that I would enjoy the comic just as much.

As it turns out, I was wrong because the comics are FUCKING AMAZING.

I read through all six volumes in two days.

Anyone who is a fan of video games, comics, romance, action, fight scenes, kung-fu, comedy, or bacon should pick this up.

Bryan Lee O'Malley kills it with this series on so many levels. The humor is layered and intelligent- sometimes things are funny because a certain character is doing it. Sometimes it's wordplay. Sometimes it's just a straight visual gag. Then there are meta-jokes, like a case where someone off-handedly says "Just go back and read the other volumes..."

The characters are ridiculously well rounded. Even the bad guys get a bunch of back story and context on who they are. There are some peripheral characters, but they still carve out their own little niches.

The thing that makes Scott Pilgrim most accessible is the fact that it's basically about a bunch of people trying to make peace with the past. Everyone is wrestling with demons. Some choose to forget their mistakes and are forced to relive them. Other just try to run from them. There are those who dwell on them and can't let go. I think everyone has skeletons in their closet and can relate to these characters who are trying to bury them.

I've honestly seen nothing like it, and while I'm no expert on comics, I'm certainly no stranger either. I promise you that you'll be hooked to this series once you start reading. In a gesture of kindness and generosity, I have provided scans of some of my favorite parts in the first half of the series for your enjoyment.

Look at them then go and buy the box set. You won't be sorry.