The Greatest Show You're Not Watching

I'm a huge nerd. I'll admit it right off the bat. I like reading. I like playing video games. I like anime.

I rarely talk about my nerdiness because I've got a cool-guy persona to keep up.

But, I feel like I need to show my true colors today because there's a TV show that you all need to watch.

The Legend of Korra is the successor series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. (No, not that movie. Or that other movie.)

Yes, it's a cartoon.

Yes, it's for kids.

But it's also really fucking good. 

Both series take place in a world where people have the ability to control the elements- earth, fire, air, and water. There is also a sole individual known as the Avatar who can control all four elements- the main character in each show. 

Both shows are heavily influenced by Eastern culture. The elemental "bending" is inspired by different real-world martial arts. Black belts serve as consultants in order to make the techniques look as realistic as possible.

The Last Airbender was good, but the Legend of Korra is great.

The Legend of Korra tackles darker issues and plots than its predecessor, which is no small task considering The Last Airbender dealt with the genocide of an entire race of people.

In the first two seasons alone we've seen a potential revolution of the non-bending class, one of the creepiest villains I've seen on TV, an invasion of evil spirits, and this adorable little guy

I could rant and rave and froth at the mouth about why this is such a great show and why everyone should watch it.

But I won't.

Instead, all I will say is that with the Legend of Korra the audience gets treated to great action sequences, endearing characters, and an amazingly intricate fantasy world. 

I'm not the only one who thinks so either.

Two new episodes come out every Friday evening on Nickelodeon, so you get a double dose of it every week! (I record it and watch it on Saturday mornings because I miss my Saturday morning cartoons.) 



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