Nothing to Watch on Netflix: Sleeper

This month's NTWON was recommended to me by my parents.

Sleeper is a 1973 Sci-Fi comedy written and directed by and starring Woody Allen. Starring alongside Allen is Diane Keaton, who of course went on to work with him in (and get an Academy Award for) Annie Hall. Sleeper is a much more lighthearted comedy that falls closer in line with Bananas and Take the Money and Run, Allen's earlier films.

A lot of the humor comes from Allen's physical comedy: he's goofy and awkward and funny looking. That's not to say that the writing isn't strong, though. There are situations that are downright absurd, such as when Allen is forced to pose as a robot butler. There are also several running gags that kept me amused through the run time.

But my favorite thing about this movie is the way it incorporates the sci-fi genre. The society that Miles Monroe (Woody Allen) wakes up in is a comedic slant on the one Huxley built in Brave New World. All anybody cares about is having sex (with the help of their orgasm-o-tron), watching television, and catching a buzz from their orb. Mixed in with this are elements of 1984, as the government is a woefully incompetent police state. Of course, Monroe gets roped into the resistance and is forced to find out about the mysterious Aries Project. And because it's a sci-fi movie, Allen writes in a scene with a jet pack that he is hilariously incapable of operating.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. There was some great slapstick coupled with thoughtful lines that give you something to mull over in the end. Anyone who is a fan of sci-fi should check this one out.