Original Art on the Cheap

So, it may come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm kind of a fan of art.

And while making art is good and fun, it's also great collecting art. And yeah, picking up a print for ten bucks is great, but there's something about getting an original that's really special.

But the thing is, original art is so ex-pen-siiive. We're talking thousands of dollars for one lousy masterpiece, here. How's a working Joe like me supposed to collect beautiful pieces of original art? 

I'll tell you how: www.everydayoriginal.com

Every Day Original is a great site, and while the tagline might lead you to believe that it only features one piece of art, there are actually hundreds of pieces of original art available for purchase RIGHT NOW!

And this is a curated list of artists here. This ain't Deviant Art. This isn't a site where just any Joan, Dick, or Terry who picks up a paintbrush and thinks they're the next Picasso can sell their work. These are pros here.

Check out this gallery of one of a kind pieces of art, then head over to Every Day Original and pick up a piece of your own on the cheapitty-cheap!

Hate to break it to you here, but all of these works have already sold and since they're one of a kind originals and everything...you're just gonna have to go onto everydayoriginal.com and check out some other pieces to buy!

Source: www.everdayoriginal.com